Monday, November 12, 2007

Weber Bros Circus

On Saturday i went to the Weber bros circus with my Nan Pop, ruby and we saw these motorbikes in this big cage. One motorbike then two motorbikes and a person then 3 motorbikes at a time and they never crashed. And saw my principal Mr B and Josh B as well. I saw two clowns put 20 plates on sticks. It was really fun!


Moturoa said...

Great photo there Oscar. Did Dad take it or was it a borrowed photo?

It is good to see what the kids were talking about at school today.

I haven't been to the circus in ages. The last time I went they had a baby elephant and it pooped everywhere.

Thanks for sharing this.

Miss K

Anonymous said...

i like your picture of the motorbike men, did they have animals at the circus, because i could not go to it.

You are lucky you could go to it, glad you had fun.

Oscar said...

It`s a borrowed photo Miss K.