Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ferrari Cars

Today i got these Ferrari cars from my Nan and Pop, they are cool, they are all red and look real fast.
I have five of them so far.
Now i have six, so i have put a new photo in.


Moturoa said...

What a great line up of cars.

Are they the two speed ones you get from the petrol station?

you will have to bring them to school tomorrow for news.

Miss K

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Oscar - I will post some pictures in a few weeks - as I am going to Silverstone to Drive a Ferrari F355 around the track. ( it was a birthday present).

Oscar said...

what a cool birthday present my dad is jelous of that birthday present that you have got. He loves Ferrari`s aswell.
i hope you have fun.

Anonymous said...

they are cool