Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Trans Alpine Train Ride

Today we went on a train from Christchurch to Greymouth, it passed these places on the way they were Rolleston ,Darfield,Springfield i could not see Homer or Bart, Cass,Arthurs Pass all he way to Greymouth. Along the way we went through 16 Tunnels, accross 5 bridges. Here are some pictures. There is one of a small lake, it freezes over when it gets real cold, it was cold today, lots of snow on the hills. It was FUN!!!!!


Moturoa said...

What a fabulous holiday you are having. I did that train trip a few years ago. It was pretty awesome. We went from Greymouth to Christchurch one day and then came back to Greymouth the next day. We didn't see too much snow though because it was misty or dark for a lot of the way.

That photo of the sunrise/sunset was great. The sun was just touching the top of the mountain.

I did get a bit of sitting there though. Did you get to look out of the viewing platform? It was cold.

Your overseas readers will enjoy your photos as well.

Miss K

Elliott's Space said...

sound like lots of fun I wish I could be there :(