Friday, July 6, 2007


My Pop had to cut a tree down today because it was rotton, you can see in the picture the rings in the tree trunk, my Pop said if i count the rings that would be how old the tree is. It has 14 rings so it must be 14 years old.


Moturoa said...

That tree was older than you were! It must have landed with a real thump. Were you able to watch the tree being cut down? I saw two trees fall on each other once in a storm. They made the ground shake!

It would have been a cold day to be outside today!

I enjoyed your Voki! I think it is way cool as well.

I will try and find another toy like that for you to play with.

Miss k

Mr Harrington said...

This is an excellent picture Oscar. Interesting that it has grown those rings over such a long time, and that it is older than you are!

Moturoa said...

Hey Oscar

I was talking with Jenny this week and she said that you were changing schools.

I will miss you.

Miss K

Oscar said...

Hi Miss is ok because i now staying so you will not miss me now and i wont miss you