Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Cool Christmas Present

On Christmas I got this lego dump truck and trailer it cost $50 and Kyle and Nathan will like this, it has a sleeping base and the green trailer and bucket on the back of the truck can tip up.

I also got a watch and some cloths, it was a cool Christmas


Moturoa said...

Yes it was a super cool Christmas present. I bet Nathan and Kyle will be green with jealousy when they see your cool truck and trailer.

Father Christmas must know you well to have put that in wrapping paper for you.

It was good to see you up town the other day!

Miss K

Nath said...

hi Oscar, Santa also dropped us both the same toy as you. We have added twin exhaust stacks to ours, so ours will go faster than yous. ha ha ha

from Nathan and Kyle.