Friday, June 15, 2007

How to make my favorite tea

1) get one egg
2) crack the egg into a bowl
3)beat the egg up, with a bit of pepper
4)put to one side
5)boil a jug of water
6)put a packet of 2 Minute Noddles in a bowl, and pour hot water over the Noddles and stir for 2 minutes
7)heat a bit of butter in a pan and put in egg mix and cook egg up
8)drain the Noddles and add flavour and mix and then put in bowl and add the chopped egg to finsh

1 comment:

Moturoa said...

Your photos to help you with your recipe that you shared at school today really helped us to get what you were talking about.

It made your writing 'come alive'.

Having them in the right order helps us understand.

Another great blog post Noodles!

Miss K