Sunday, March 25, 2007

The big boat

I have had this boat for a couple of weeks and it's been going great.This is me and my boat.

goto my schools Blog and watch a video to, thanks Miss K.


Moturoa said...

That is really cool, Oscar.

Your boat is really great. It goes really fast in the school pool when the wind catches in the sails.

Miss K

Room 4 said...

Well done Oscar creating your very own blog. I will show Room 4 children tomorrow. You are very lucky to have Miss K for a teacher.She is soooooo good with computers.
Mrs L from Brightwater School

Moturoa said...

Gosh you are doing well with your blog Oscar.

Mrs L from Brightwater School made a comment as well.

It is cool to see your link to our blog post with the video on it.

It was actually Oscar and his Dad who made the blog. All credit to them.

The extra sail is cool.

Miss K